I totally agree! Proceed with caution. Go slowly. (I'm standing behind the blinking yellow light surrounded by warning triangles and orange cones, waving the white flag ).

I was midback too and went chin length in one swoop. It was a really cute style and I loved it at first (even though it made me feel off balance for awhile). However, after the newness wore off, I began to really miss my length. Little things began to bug me like the way my hair wouldn't lie down like it used to and how the curl was different shorter. I finally decided to let it grow out again. Now I'm dealing with those awful inbetween stages and realizing just how long it took me to get to that length. (Oh, I could kick myself! lol)

Maybe you could get a few inches cut in addition to some face framing layers. That might provide you with the nice change you're craving without going so drastic. It's better to regret a few inches rather than a few feet.