I bought some of this yesterday from Ace when I went with my friend (who has a card) to get my hair color. I had seen it mentioned several times on this site, just in passing as something that some of you use, so I figured, why not, plus it's a lot cheaper in Ace.

Well, I washed with non-sulfate poo last night after the coloring, then did a DT overnight with Joico Recovery something or other....and then rinsed this morning, put in 3 pumps of PM Round Trip head flipped over and 2 more flipped up on the crown, raking and scrunching, and that's it! I try to stick to trying one thing at a time by itself to see how it REALLY works. Well I really really love the results, curl definition with volume (which is what i love)! I think I may try this with some Mop C once and then again under some Biotera gel.....I'm assuming I put this under those things right?
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