Hi There...I don't usally post very much, but I have to rave about this leave-in. I have 3c/4a hair (chin length when straight) and it's ridculously thick...I only need 2 small palmfuls of this leave-in to smooth out frizzies...plus it works in the major heat and humidity of summer in South FL! It really does reduce dry time also...I usually sit under a hood dryer each am for 20-30 min, but now instead of leaving the house with my hair 40-50% dry it's 70-80% dry! I've had consistently good hair for the last 5 days using this product in my routine...I hope it continues!

I'll be posting the full routine in the 3c area if anyone is interested...
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I tried this product before I went CG. I might have to try it again... but my main issue with it was that my hair started drying SO fast, I didnt have time to shape it the way I usually do (twisting, etc).

I will try it again, my hair is thick and we are humid where I am; What did you use with it?
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