I voted for chocolate brown.

After the redo of my highlights at Devachan eventually turned brassy, I went back to my natural color (well, actually a little darker). I used a level 3 of a Sally's color. It's a semi-perm, but has lasted almost a year! (I first did it the day after Easter 05, and just redid it about a month ago.)

They're the Sally's equivalend of Redken Shades EQ (I think they're a L'Oreal color)

They say they're a "transluscent" color...not sure what that means!

3C, fine corkscrew. Carlos at Devachan devotee. "I don't poo, do you?" No Pooing for a year and a half. Holy grail products include: Kenra Moisturizing Treatment, Nioxin Scalp Therapy,Devacurl No-Poo Ouidad Botanical Boost alternated with Bumble and Bumble Leave-In, Ouidad Deep Treatment, and Biolage Gellee Gel. I HAVE FOUND ALL MY HOLY GRAIL PRODUCTS FOR CONSISTENT, RELIABLE GOOD HAIR DAYS!!!

"Hon, can you make me a scotch on the rocks? And can you make the rocks be my Vicodin?"--Karen from Will and Grace

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