I re-henna my hair every week, because I think a lot of the problem with gray popping up so quickly is re-growth, not dye-failure. Grays are very eye-catching, especially on darker-haired folks because the contrast is so great, so it always looks like more than it is. Doing weekly roots-only hennas has solved my problem. Sure, it's a pain to color every week, but I figure if I'm going to dye and keep up the pretense that I'm not gray, then I should do it often. I hate seeing women walking around with gray roots showing, and I hate it even more on myself.
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Does Henna fade or is it totally permanent? I'd like to try Indigo 'cause I want dark brown/blackish hair.

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Henna is permanent. Really permanent. Nothing will take it out, not even those color-removal-kits. It must be grown out. Indigo does not fade on me, so I don't like to go over the same area more than twice with indigo, otherwise it gets too dark.