Good luck with WW! I just started with Weight Watchers at work two weeks ago. I am following the Core Plan and today is a weigh in day so I'm hoping I dropped a pound or two. I did flex several years ago, and you are so right. It is a challenge to stay within your daily point allotment. I did get used to it though and successfully met my goal by the end of the program. This time though, I wanted to see how I do with Core because I think I can eat more. We'll see. If I didn't lose any weight this week then I'll just have to cut my portion sizes back.
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How did it go? I haven't joined yet, so I am not sure which plan would be the best for me. I think the Core plan might work well for me. I need structure.
Currently, using JC HCC, Too Shea, CK and CCSS, RR or LOOB or MOP-C.
CK is the one!!

as of 6/17/10 - I have to add Joico!

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