the beginning of this year (my freshman year) i was talkin to one of my stick straight haired friends.. and i told her that her hair was so pretty and sometimes i wish mine was like hers so i didnt have to deal with so much, then i said yea we should trade sometime, and she said uhh no offence or anything but i wouldnt want your hair. and i was just like uhh.. offence taken! i dont c how someone can say something like that!

then there was my 8th grade year. this stuck up girl who nobody liked cuz she was such a hippocrate came up to me and my other curly haired friend one day and started talking to us, and we were tryin not to talk to her much bcuz of things she's said and done in the past.. i wont even get started on that, and i looked at my friend and i was talkin about my hair and i was like "omg my hair is so poofy today!!" and this stuck up girl said "uh hun, your hair is ALWAYS poofy"

then i get made fun of by my friends all the time... which doesnt' bother me near as bad, and i laugh with em cuz they're not really saying it to be mean.. although it does still hurt my feelings because i know there's a little truth in every joke. but i actually like my curls!! other than the occasional hairday... they set me apart from everyone and make me stand out. so to all those straight haired people out there who think you're "perfect" and try to down us curly people because were not exactly like u and everyone else, shove it... because i officially don't care what you or anyone else has to say about my hair, because i like it and that's all that matters.

man i feel better.. lol