(after saying I was looking up stuff for curly hair) "You don't have curly hair, you have frizzy hair." Then the same dude basically insults me a bunch more about my intelligence and my looks, etc. (he's really great at the indirect insult).

Most everyone else I know knows not to say anything about my hair. Supposedly on bad hair days I'm pretty frightening. I know this because once (walking through church, none the less) a little boy was walking down the hall in the opposite direction from me. He kind of stopped and looked at me for a moment, then cried "YOUR SCARY!", turned, and ran back into his classroom.

My friends don't say anything about my hair because I'm scary, and they normally find better things to poke fun at. Or they just don't notice.

As for the girls who don't know me, they just kind of get this horribly obnoxious look on their face and give me that look (you know, with their eyes glazed and half closed, their mouth open in a "silent" scoff. They also laugh, kind of, in that chilling, forced laugh way) and just look at my hair for a minute, then look me in the eye. Then the rest of the year they just snub me. And guys never look at me. As for the nice girls who are to polite to give me the look, they don't talk to me much (not intentional snubbing, unconscious snubbing.) No unique insults, though.

Though on the other side of the fence, my mom got this really bad hair cut once (she has straight hair, though it's a bit uncontrollable). The first time I saw it was on the way home from school. Some how the conversation drifted to this:

Mom - "Well, I'm okay with it. I've had worse."
Me - "Really?" (with a shocked look on my face).
I couldn't believe I actually said that. I was just taken by surprise. Luckily, she thought it was funny. So next time a good friend blurts something out, I tend to give them the benefit of the doubt.
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Unleash the curls!

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