Actually maybe this is me more than other folks but I've found that my hair changes based on the weather (but probably a lot of people with curly hair have this issue). Anyway I live in NYC and it can go from really dry (late fall, winter and early spring) to really humid (early fall, late spring, all summer). So knowing that I figured I'd try both the curly whip and the kinky cream. My hair is a looser curl when its dry and has more kink when its humid. It hasn't really gotten hot here yet but its been raining a lot in the last few days so up until recently I was just using the curly whip but now that its been raining alot I've been using the kinky curly cream and it just controls the frizz a bit more with the humidity. Also its just stronger stuff so I like using it (but just a little, which leaves my hair so soft).

That's what kinda cool about Hair Rules overall is that it deals with the spectrum of all different kinds of non straight hair but even the spectrum within our own individual hair. You know what I mean? At least in my case, for better or worse, its like I have two different kinds of hair depending on the weather. Kinda a pain but no doubt provides some variety.
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how long have you been using it I though this was a new line that just came out? Did you buy it before it was out since you live in NY?
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You took the words right outta my mouth. I'm not trying to start no ****...but er ahhh....this person got 7 posts and every single one is about Hair Rules...and it JUST came out but they are giving the impression that they have been using this for a while. Seems a little fishy to me......
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hmmm preach it!
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