Oh my gosh Christybird, I felt like I was reading my biography! School was the worst for me. My step mother made me have short hair. Then tried to get me to do it like old women do. Curling my curls with a big curling iron and floofing it out. I'd re-wett it before going to school. got called poodle, fro girl, everything in the book. All the years were bad but 7th was my absolute worst as well. middle school, bus, mean kids. I moved and in 8th grade it was a K-8 school so I wasn't nearly as made fun of and the kids seemed to be more mature, same with highschool. Although I striaghtned it so much in highschool, it was obvious as my hair is very curly, I constantly got asked questions and teased a bit. It finally eased when I "rebelled" and my hair grew out and I stopped straightening it. Everyone liked it alot better. By my senior year I felt like that ugly duckling story. After years of being an introvert and very shy, avoiding people for fear of hearing a mean comment, it didn't go well. Aside from close friends I had from my before, I got very nervous when people would talk to me all the time and I think it created kind of a social anxiety to this day. It is comforting to know that in that big "90210" High School (it was knicked that b/c of all the richies) that people actually liked my curly hair once I learned how to care for it a bit.
"Impeach Busch. Drink good beer."