*sigh* Well, I gave it a lot of time to be fair, but I have to say I don't think I like this haircut at all. My hair is just not as curly as it was before the cut, and since it's had plenty of time to recover from the coloring process (which it usually does within about four to five days, and it's now been over two weeks) I can only believe it's because of the cut.

First of all, it's just too short. I said I was trying to grow it back out and wanted the minimum reshaping necessary for curl encouragement with the length kept, but she cut off too much and though the ends may have still been damaged from previous years and needed it, that was my call to make not hers. She cut more than I told her to. Leaving the few straighter bits at the nape to hang down the back (which I hate) at their previous length does not count as "leaving the length intact". Four days later I got fed up with them and snipped only three of those straightish "curls" up to the level of the rest of what she had cut. It's now a good two inches shorter than it was before I went in.

Second, though she may know how to cut very curly hair very well, it's very possible it's also not curling as much because she cut it to minimize volume and curl. I have wavy hair with a fragile curl pattern. I told her it can't be cut like straight hair, but it also can't be cut like very curly hair usually is. My exact words were, "The curl pattern is fragile; my curls don't need to tamed like so many other curly people's they need to be encouraged. Do you know how to cut to encourage curl pattern as well as cut to minimize it?" She said she did but when she was done it wasn't nearly as wavy and she made a point of saying how well it lays down now. Except that was the opposite of what I wanted and asked for.

Whether it's not as curly because she cut too much off my 2Bs or because the way she cut it minimizes curl pattern, I don't want her to cut my hair again and can't recommend her for other wavies, at the very least. I did like her and feel that she's very knowledgeable and skilled but maybe just not for my curl type. I also liked the color and may go back to her for that, or may not depending on convenience.

I'll now check out MaryAnn in Escondido after a few months of growing this out again, to see if a real CG cut will help. I still hate to drive that far, but what the heck - maybe I can take the opportunity to go shopping at North County Fair every once in a while, which I never get to.

I am also still interested in Suzanne at Re:Vive, but as I said before I'm hesitant because of some bad reviews the salon has gotten on Yelp. This was backed up by my experience calling the salon, where the receptionist knew nothing about Suzanne except her schedule and couldn't transfer me to anyone (like the manager) who did. I finally had her take a message for Suzanne to call me back so I could ask some questions, but didn't get called back for three days. She left me a voicemail the day before the appointment I had made, simply reiterating the cost of the consultation and suggesting I make an appointment. Hmmm. I cancelled. (I admit it also irritates me that Suzanne charges a fee for a CG consultation but not for any other cut consultation, as well as charging more for CG cuts than her other cuts. To me it reeks of opportunistic gouging, and it makes me disinclined to give her my business if can avoid it, anyway.)

*shrug* So for now my search continues.