Hello ladies,
It really has been awhile since I last posted anything on NC but I lurk quite often. Thank You all for your valuable inputs.

The question I have is regarding split-ends, I am a 3b/c and as much as I want my hair to grow it has been the same length for the past 3 years. I noticed that I have many split ends. My last haircut was a Devachan by carlos in the summer of 2004. I use Elucence conditioner and FOTE. I only brush in the shower and leave my hair to airdry before I put it in a ponytail or a bun.

What am I doing wrong, I really do not want to cut my hair, I have been trimming the ends (or rather individual strands) with small scissors. I remember reading that is what some of you do.

Any suggestions?? is it the combination, the fact that I do not wash my hair daily but rather every two days? Help! are split ends part of having curly hair??
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