But I always get fed "those lines" from one of my best friends that "all u have to do is <insert "simple" trick here such as flat ironing> to get your hair to be straight." When really, it would take hours upon hours of hot hot heat of flat ironing to get it straight EVERY DAY. So I would get a relaxer to make it easier to get it straight, and promptly get reprimanded by my ex best friend "girl, you did NOT NEED a relaxer! all u needed was to flat iron it every day!" "Girl you got that 'good' hair! you don't need to do all of that!" It was so annoying.

And my mom always makes comments that my hair is so "good" that i "just don't know WHAT do to with it."

It was my other friend (with stick straight hair) who would watch me sit in the mirror spending hours straightening my hair before a trip to the mall (u know u have to look hot, fine guys are there!) and exasperatedly say: I JUST WISH YOU WOULD LEAVE YOUR HAIR ALONE! to make me realize how much time and effort it was taking me to fix it. She would make attempts to show me how to fix my hair nice without straightening. (Bless her heart, she didn't quit know what she was doing being that she has stick straight hair and no experience with curly hair, but it was the thought and effort that counted.)
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I understand. I my hair is 4a and people keep telling me get a relaxer, get a hot comb. It's so annoying. If you want straight hair fine, but I'm not getting it to fit in with you guys so my hair can become dry brittle and break off again.
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