My Aunt and my grandma are always telling me to "run a brush through that rats nest, it looks like ****." My cousin got married once, and when we(me and my mom) went to pick up my grandma she took one look at me and said "Sarah(my mom, btw)! What were you thinking letting her out of the house with her hair looking like that, much less going to a wedding?! You call yourself a hair dresser? You should be ashamed of yourself! Ashamed! Girl get your ass in that bathroom and don't come out untill its decent!" So I went and brushed it. And when I got out this was our conversation:

Me: Ok grandma I brushed it.
Gran: Liar! If you had brushed it it would be strait. Now go brush it before I do it for you.
Mamma: Mom, her hair wont go strait no matter how much she brushes it, thats just how it is.
Gran: ********! Now get in there and brush that hair strait.

I went in there and cut it all off. Needless to say I was in trouble.

So up untill the fifth grade I brushed it out. One day this girl walked up to me and asked me if I brushed my hair. I told her yes and she said "Then why is it so frizzy?"

In middle school, people would ball up little peices of paper and gum wrappers and throw them into my hair. One day in sixth grade a girl came up behind me and started brushing my hair, then she kept asking me why it didnt straiten out when I brushed it. So in seventh grade I got a haircut that was extreamly short in the back(as in buzz cut short) and got longer twards the front, and I had to straiten it every day. Most people loved it, but my friends decided to tell me then that it looked good curly.

A few weeks ago my dad told me to send him a picture of me. after I sent it he called me a few minutes later and said "OK, I'm going to tell you to do something and I want you to listen to me verry carefully, ok? STRAITEN. THE. TUMBELWEED. Got it brill(short for brillo)?" And he's the one I got it from too.

I have a lot more but those are the ones that really stuck with me.