I know it's sooo cliche, but The Fountainhead really did change my life. Besides the obvious changes in how I looked at people and myself, I also developed a taste for the modern. I now appreciate simplicity and function much more than I used to.

Black Like Me is one of the most powerful books I have ever read. I can't believe that human beings treated each other in such a way...and only a few short years ago! During my parent's lifetimes! Howard Griffin made the 50s and 60s, which felt so far away to me, seem so much more real. It brought me to tears...books don't do that very often.I read a lot of books about social behaviors, genocide, class, status...everything about people treat each other. The Rape of Nanking is another book that made me take a very hard look at the human race, and the horrible things societies are capable of. There were parts that made me sick, but I read it anyway because I felt that what the author was describing was too important to skip over.