My mom has stick straight, limp, fine, blond hair...
I have no clue where my dark brown curls came from.
Oddly enough, my mom loves my hair, at least when it's brushed, which is how I did my hair for the first 17 years of my life (and hated every minute of it).... she says things like "I wish my hair had that much body." The rest of my family basically thinks I look like a heathen unless my hair is tied back or ironed.
When I finally realized that my hair is curly and not frizzy & "full of body" as my mom would say, I started wearing it curly. Whenever she sees it now she just shakes her head and sighs. She thinks it looks "greasy" (greasy=sleek and shiny) and messy (messy=bouncy).
I've pretty much given up on her.

All through high school I had a giant combed out mess of hair, so I got a lot of mean comments and even a suggestion to "oil that sh*t down." Now that I'm in college, and wear it curly and occasionally straightened (ironed), I've actually gotten all compliments on the curliness.

For example:
My asian roommate with stick straight hair, a week after I met her- "I wish I could get my hair to curl, every time I use a curling iron, it falls straight after like 10 minutes. What do you use to get your to hold?"
Me- "um... genetics?
Her- "...seriously? I hate you. *hugs*

And then there's the boyfriend He thinks my hair is beautiful and, when I let him touch it, is constantly entertained the *boing* effect. He has stick straight, fine, blond hair (... I just got kind of creeped out by the fact that my boyfriend has the same hair as my mom...)

~Overall I've been pretty lucky, and not had to endure too much teasing.