Any advice on this is greatly appreciated,mom is just very..frustrating!And I have a knowledge beyond my years.I also look older(Poeple say 16-1...but i still cant get along with her!And please dont repat my relashionship w/ her will better with the years...
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MANAGE YOUR PARENTS!! here's how. get good grades in school. when you say you will do something, do it. come home on time. don't hurt yourself or do anything illegal or stupid and get busted. be responsible. then they do not have a leg to stand on when you want to go out, stay out late one night or do something with your friends. if you cannot manage it ask to go to therapy. your therapist will try to help you and mom get along in case mom's own issues are standing in the way. I had to really read one mom the riot act who was wanting her teen daughter to stay home and keep her company. Mom, get a life!!! healthy moms are concerned about their kids and want them to be happy and safe. they want to help their kids see the big picture and not just get stoned every night, hang with their boyfriends or play video games because it is fun NOW and end up not going to college and washing dishes for a living. we mature folks try to think ahead and see the big picture. are you able to do that for yourself??
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