Any advice on this is greatly appreciated,mom is just very..frustrating!And I have a knowledge beyond my years.I also look older(Poeple say 16-1...but i still cant get along with her!And please dont repat my relashionship w/ her will better with the years...
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I'm not 40. I'm 19, almosgt 20 And I am going to tell you stuff you won't want to hear. Your relationship will get better. It will get better once you realize how right your mom is with a lot of stuff. This will not happen until you are about to leave for college. Your mom is right. She is doing what she thinks is best for you. She was a teenager once. She has the experience. You are just gaining it right now. I know this because my mom and I went through the same stage. We had the worst fights. We would hit and sometimes throw things at each other. We actually had to go to counseling. I never thought we'd get along. I'd always thought we fought because we were so different. It's not. We are just about the same. And that's how it probably is between you and your mom. Once you have to start making real life decisions like getting a job and paying for college, you'll see the wisdom of your moms ways. Everyday I realize how right my mom is. You are just going through puberty. Your fights are normal. You want to gain independence, your mom is a bit scared. It's natural that there is tension. But it will get better. It's the truth. It may be awhile, but you'll see that I am right in the end.
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