Thank you Shyygirl, Spiderlashes, and Subbrock for your reply.

To answer some of your questions. I have been using both the Denman 4 brush, and a brush I bought many years ago from Avon (they don't make it any more) that brush is made of thick plastic, almost like a large comb. I don't have fine hair, my hair is quite thick, fragile? maybe now with the split-ends but it was not like this before.

I use the devacurl 'no poo' and sometimes the Aveda Moss shampoo. Most weeks I go with conditioner and an ACV wash.
I wear my hair out everytime I wash it and put it in a pony tail or a bun on the second or third day. I rarely wash my hair during the evenings, I am more of a 'wash in the morning, air dry' kind of a girl.
I bought several months ago a microfiber towel at walmart and I use it to dry my hair or put it up for a few minutes as I get dressed.

At curlmart I bought a silk/satin pillowcase but after several washes it turned into shreds. I bought (just yesterday) some Yds of black satin to make myself another one. So maybe the pillowcases maybe the problem. Although I think it may be something more serious.

I know Lorraine (Devacurl) is coming to Austin, I wish she would cut my hair ( she picking a few people from the audience to cut their hair) but for $95 and possibly not get picked, I should find a salon on my own and have them professionally cut my ends .....but I am so scared of starting all over.
You ladies know how much money we spend on products, and taking care of our hair, to have someone give you a bad haircut.

I would send pictures but I need to open a Fotki album...I will do that soon!
Thanks again for responding to my rambling.
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