dolphinluver, that's great advice and very well said!

I have a teenager and we get along quite well. We never went through any serious problems, but of course we have our moments. What everyone said is correct, we want a better life for our daughters than we had, and we hope that the mistakes we made when we were young give us some wisdom that we can pass on to our kids. Look at it this way, it's like a Mom teaching her child how to cook. Mom is passing on something useful to her child that she knows will benefit her. When we pass on advice (which sometimes might seem like nagging or something you don't think you need to know), it's because we know that it may help you somewhere in your life. Moms have gained a lot of wisdom through life experiences, the kind that you haven't had yet.

Another thing to remember is your Mom is not just a mother, but she is a person with feelings, problems and dreams, just like you. Maybe she has a lot of responsibilities that might be overwhelming to her or a dream that she was never able to accomplish. You have to look at the big picture and try to understand your mother as a person, not just a parent.
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