my hair loves small amounts of apricot kernel oil and its own scalp oil. my best hair days are when I washed my hair with conditioner a day or two ago and my hair has nothing in it except for a very thin layer of oil (scalp oil near the roots, and apricot kernel oil near the tips) - that is when my hair looks the shiniest and feels the healthiest.

I think oil is definitely beneficial to your hair - reduces frizz, adds some smoothness and protection against mechanical damage, but without being hard to wash out like silicone.

distributing it is difficult part. I have to add oil to 100% dry hair otherwise it is hard for me to tell which parts need it, and easy to overdo it. I have to add only a drop or two at a time and then see if needs more.

I haven't had much luck with other oils besides apricot kernel oil ... tried coconut oil which makes my hair too dark, and jojoba oil makes my hair stringy. I am always on the lookout for new ones to try though.

I would have a hard time believing that oils are "coating but not moisturizing." My hair and skin absorbs oil quite happily and feels more moisturized.