My hair love oils too, but I should be careful with how much I put it on them. Coconut is a little bit too heavy if I try to use it every day on the roots - they look unhealthy. But once or twice a week is good. Also, when my hair have bad day I rub a little bit on my hands, than press in hair. After that they look healthy&shiny. My favourite oil is castor oil. Sometimes I put it on my hair for all night long and next day, after shampooning I've got beautiful, shiny curls. Oh, Dabur Amla - this is awesome! And give awesome effect! I give my scalp a massage with it, then put cap on my head and go to sleep. Next day after shampooning my hair are awesome! But Dabur Amla can be use only 3 times a week!

I didn't test anything else, but now I've got 3/4 bottle of coconut and full of dabur amla plus little battle of castor oil so...I'm gonna test in the future.