Ok, My B&A pics are on my new fotki. I take aweful pics so sorry. The before didn't capture how uneven my hair was and it's dark. I took it quickly before walking out the door. There were huge chunks on the side that I had to cover up by using hair pins and moving the hair around.

As for the after my hair is a bit frizzy and it's still a little irritated I got it cut. Plus it is really windy! I'll post more when it looks better.

Both are about 80% dry too...


Using: VO5 cowash, Tigi MM, JCRR, and CCSS
Trying: Pink Boots (so far so good)
Occasionally: Burts Bees Rasberry condish
Didn't like: JC Too Shea or Aloeba, Bioterra CC or glaze