Ahh, thanks! I'm still getting used to it. Especially because when it's wet it's all really uneven. I know it's supposed to be so it is even when it is dry. I just think it's funny. If I go to the pool people will think "oh, look at that poor woman. Her little boy must have cut her hair". Of course that is probably what people thought all the time before the new cut

My last stylist had thinned out my hair besides the uneveness, so I am hoping I can grow it out now without it looking uneven and stringy.

Using: VO5 cowash, Tigi MM, JCRR, and CCSS
Trying: Pink Boots (so far so good)
Occasionally: Burts Bees Rasberry condish
Didn't like: JC Too Shea or Aloeba, Bioterra CC or glaze