i watched this as an idea
but i ultimately ended up wrapping the hair around a bottle (small non aerosol hairspray bottle) and pinning it inside the rolls after carefully sliding the bottle out.
for the bangs i did the same thing (i dont have bangs) and then pinned them underneath.
you can either use a curling iron on the bottom or wrap it in a bun till it dries and then it will be mostly straight with a wave to it

here is also a clip for great pin-up/40s style make up

if you have any questions i can try to make a video for you! feel free to also pm me
3B just past BSL in back (when curly)
CG since 3/08
HG's:biolage condtioning balm and kpak (both the generic value versions)
overnight plop with a flour sack the strutt way
honey after leave-in
satin sleep cap & shea butter for day 2 hair
ALSO LOVE:jessicurl aloeba leave-in, rr, ccss

by: Riot Crrl!
I think you could walk around with words and stick people drawn on your face and still look supercute.