Hola Chicas

So, after going through a phase of extreme euphoria (completely elated by my new found growth after 3 months of buns), then denial and frustration (it couldn't be the buns), and finally acceptance (after looking at the facts), I'm ready to embark on another 3 months of protective styles. But, I don't want to do it alone. As always, I need the support of my fellow curly ladies

I bunned faithfully for 3 months and when I finally let it down, I was shocked to see thicker, shinier, longer hair. My ends have never looked this good..not in all the years I've been natural. I've worn my hair out since 2006 and never was able to retain length- I was stuck between SL and APL for an eternity. My hair grows really fast, but was splitting and snapping off just as quickly. Bunning must be the answer, as it is now grazing BSL. I spoke with a few long haired naturals, and most agreed that bunning (and other protective styles) is the way to go, and aided in the growing out of their waist-length hair. Ladies who hair isn't long enough to bun can join too...twists, braids and any other updos are allowed.

These are the guidelines (feel free to tweak them to meet your needs):

-Start Date- ASAP
-End Date- September 30
-Take a 'stretched' pic to show current length
-Bun or PS 5 days out of the week
-DT at least once per week (with or without heat)
-Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize
-Check in for moral support periodically
-Take pics of cute earrings, headbands and other accessories to jazz things up a bit and inspire others

I'm going to do low and high buns and do my best to avoid putting undue strain on my hair. I'm going to wear my hair in a twist-out on the weekends (if I feel like it) to give my hair a break from being up. I'll use satin scrunchies (purchased from Ulta) and bobby pins that have the protective covering on the ends. I will re-moisturize every other day, and I plan to only use my fingers to manipulate the hair into the bun.

Anyone interested? We'll do the reveal at the end of September
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