I am in too! I just twisted my hair last night, so i'll try the method of keeping it in a protective style for about 5 days a week, using as many natural products as possible, and doing the deep conditioning treatments as well. I want my hair to grow as much as possible this summer. Hopefully I'll be able to do a bun by then because right now my hair isn't long enough.

Do any of you find that when your hair grows faster your scalp is really itchy? Mine itches like crazy whether my scalp is clean or dirty. Any suggestions? Or do I just have to live with an extra itchy scalp?
Mostly 4a..crazy hair

Currently using: 100% Aloe Vera Gel , VO5 Conditioners for Co-Washes, Jojoba and Africa's Best Oils, GV Biolage Conditioning Balm , Cream of Nature Detangling Shampoo, ACV rinses, Herbal Tea Rinses (rarely), Alba Botanica Leave-in

Goal: healthy hair and longer hair