I tried this for the first time last night with some Biotera leave-in and Biotera gel on top and I really liked the curl formation but I got some poof. I think it was user error because I didn't really pay attention to the amount of gel I put in, I think I used less than normal since it was nighttime and rainy and I wasn't going anywhere. I just got my hair wet to try my new product!! Plus is was raining (again) so pretty damp out.

Today I tried it again and got much better results. I used a little Biotera leave-in, then about 2 squirts of PMRT for the top and front and 2 squirts for either side, then used the normal amount of Biotera gel on top and scrunched the heck out of it. I air-dry so an hour or so later I had really curly well defined curls. I like this stuff so far..it gives me more curls, and they're smaller which I like because mine tend to elongate
3a fine hair (I think)

CoN poo and Biolage Conditioning Balm
I love CK and B&A gel...I like HETT Mousse