I'm hispanic and often get asked if I'm Jewish. I think part of it is when someone thinks of a Jewish person, they're envisioning someone who comes from the Mediterranean, so they picture olive skin, dark hair and eyes, etc. When in reality there are people of the Jewish faith or heritage that come from all over the world.
Growing up in my family, there was always the distinction between "good" hair (those with straight hair) and "bad" hair (curly, frizzy). There was a lot of pressure to always straighten my hair and make it look like "good" hair. Even when I first started wearing my hair curly my mom would always ask when I was going to start wearing it straight again.
Even now that I'm an adult and haven't straigthened in years, she will comment if it happens to be a bit frizzy.
3b/c fine, thick, porous, protein sensitive
Modified CG, CJ Rehab, JCWDT, KCKT, VO5 Chamomile Tea Therapy, CJDF, HEBE Gel/Mousse, Bioinfusion Rosemary Mint shampoo, occasional protein

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