however, I break about every cg rule except the no-silicones one, and is that even a cg rule anymore since LM herself breaks it?
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She breaks the no silicone rule? Does she shampoo? ahh, I'm confused...
(ps, very nice transformation)
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Yes, it is confusing. She breaks the no silly cone rule from Curly Girl by putting them in some of her products. There's something about them being "not as bad" silly cones, but I'm too tired to look it up.

She doesn't break the no shampoo rule, however. I'm the one who does that. [Albeit rarely.]

Mostly, I just wanted to make sure people out there knew I wasn't truly cg, because of the title of this thread. It was a starting point for me, but not much of it wound up sticking.

Anyway, not trying to dig on LM or anything. Whatever works.

And thanks.