I have dark blonde hair (think mouse!)n that easily lightens in the sun and have had highlights done. (As well as low lights, sunlight natural overall bleaching and starting over whole head coloring to darken areas again, with highlights applied over that.....and round and round!). It is quite damaging. But I stopped getting any permanent color (light or low) done on my hair now. I am getting the ammonia free or semi permanent stuff done (there is still peroxide). The blond highlights (applied on roots only manually following the old hightlights) is not anywhere near as light but I know the sun will do the rest!

The curl does seem to be improving. But with good conditioning even the old badly treated areas are doing pretty okay. I don't want to cut my hair short so I am just going to go with trimming sometimes. I plan on keeping it on the dark side of blond. I once had my hair dyed all dark.....but it really did not feel like me, so I guess I will sacrifice some of my curl. Thankfully my curl is even all over front and back, roots to the ends.

If I could give you any advice, have the pintura method done (not the cap!) once you go back to touch up your roots, have it done manually to follow the old highlights and only on the roots. If you have it pulled down and highlight over highlights (like in the foils system) it can be really damaging.

Just speaking from my own experience. I am no expert!
-Fine, ii (almost iii) thickness
-salon pintura and natural sun-made highlights combo
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