your updos are amazing. do you have any tutorials?
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I agree, RCC's updos are amazing.

Question?: Do anyone else, besides me, feel sexier wearing a updo. I love the way my hair looks when it's up, I feel sexier and more youthful--anyone else?
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Man I gotta check out RCC's site, I have been missing out, lol.

I wish so badly that I could participate in this grow out challenge . I used to feel SO MUCH SEXIER wearing my hair in my bun. It used to go with almost any outfit. Today I was faced with some harsh reality that my hairline (around the V part like @ the top tips of the V) has come out horribly . I felt so bad that I didn't even leave the house today, it just ruined the rest of my day. They say be careful what you wish for, but I kinda wish I had just a round hairline like an O b/c O shapers don't have 2 go through pulling the baby hair edges forward as much. V hairlines tend to recede very easily so I gotta be extremely careful now. I really need help finding a way to still wear buns w/o tension and have it still look very neat @ the same time. BTW, that part thing (parting my hair and pulling it back) I was doing has made my hairline go even farther back, and my parts got bigger. Anybody got advice so I can participate too?

Here's an example of actresses Lisa Raye (exactly like mine) and Chili from tlc who have the same hairline as I do.

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