OK, what's the Curly Ambassador card????
I'd love to pass them out to every curly girl that I see that needs HELP with their curls... there's one lady who works at my bank and I just keep envisioning seeing her curls being transformed!

I actually mentioned this thread to some curlies I met. I gave them the Curly Ambassador card and told them to check out the before and after pics. They checked it out at and reported back to me with how impressed they were with the transformations.

Fresh meat to convert! Muwhahahaha
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It's a business card with the nc.com logo and address on it. I haven't seen the link for them since the site redesign. I think that if you PM Michelle or Gretchen, they can send you some. I got some fo free in a CurlMart order once.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

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