Maria, less than 2 months!!! It's basically like 7 weeks away. I get to go home and try the dress on (for the first time EVER) next weekend!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait I'm going to wear it out next weekend for another trial run. After today's henna treatment, I'll be keeping it bunned up until then.

I like the idea of curls hanging in the nape! I think I will do this next week.

Gemini, I'm excited for ya! So your hair was longer than you thought?! Imagine how long it'll be after a few months of protecting those ends


This is the new bun I'm doing:

It looks just like the other but no ouchless ponytail holders were used...only 2 satin scrunchies and 3 hair pins. I did a high, loose pony tail (doubled each satin scrunchy only once) and spread the hair around the scrunchies to cover them. Instead of securing with a goody ponytail holder, I just kinda swooped the ends to the right (wrapped them I guess), and secured. It was really quick and required even less manipulation and stress for the ends of the hair.
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A sock bun with a scrunchie instead of a sock! This is frickin' genius.

A sock bun is a staple when I am in a military uniform, and I hate them because they pull at the front of my hairline. But, with a scrunchie, it actually feels comfortable, and still works for a uniform. Fantastic! A single scrunchie bun works just fine for both my comfort and keeps the Navy happy too. Thank you so much!
Kiva! Microfinance works.

Med/Coarse, porous curly.