Thank you FCC and Maria. It's like, the hairline is the most important part of the head and w/o it, it would be hard to do anything. I've been practicing ways to put less stress on my hairline so that it will get better, and I'm making some progress Instead of slicking my hair SO MUCH with that denman brush, I mostly try using my fingers. I tend to overdose with that denman by brushing the crap outta my ponytails/edges to stay down. Come to find out, it actually looks cool using my fingers . Let's see how long this lasts. I will keep trying variations so my hair wont get stuck in a rut. For example, partial ponytails; taking a break from the elastic headbands and using the plastic ones more often; trying the half head wrap thing and putting my hair in an updo (that way I don't have to do anything to my hairline). I will post pics probably in a week or two to show my variation progress.


Your new bun pics are so hot. That bun of yours is HUGE =-O. I am still in shock @ your amazing hair growth. That is amazing. I was lookin' @ the pics last night and got the munchies from the buns cause it reminds me of a huge scoop of chocolate icecream.


OMG, your bun pics remind me of art. Plus your hair color is so darn vibrant. You got skills!!!!!! You should do a video on youtube or something!!!!! =-O