MoMo....I have the same hair line is very thin and fragile....I've complained about it several times on this board, I even started using boundless tresses. Anyway, I was weraing my hair up with a phony pony because my hair is not long enough or thick enough to do a bun with out looking like a duck's tail...last night I noticed my edges were strating to snap, so believe me you not the only one with this dilemma. Just don't want U to feel alone.

Thanks. I'm glad to have someone to relate to as far as that is concerned. The song "You are not alone" by Michael Jackson is playing in my mind right now, LMAOOOO!!

Does boundless tresses help you with that?

I saw your most recent pics w/ the long aid gel, and your hair is bangin' girl. The texture reminds me so much of mine.