Thank you momo! I can't take much credit for the color though since it' not my real one, lol.

Most of the styles are not super hard, but some of them just look different because I had put my hair up curly instead of straight - although I have a bunch of pics of updos after a blowout.

Weirdly enough, the one that gets the most attention is this one, and that is one of my easier ones that I got out of the book Strictly Curls.

Basically it is three little buns close together. I grab the top part of my hair, sort of like I was making a part from the top of one ear all the way around to the top of the other ear. I hold it in a ponytail and then twist it and make a little bun out of the twist. I use a couple of bobby pins to secure it.

The bottom part of my hair - I separate into right and left halves and make little buns out of them. So,I have one little bun on top of two little buns to make sort of a triangle. I don't make strict parts when I section my hair becuase I often do this updo with first or second day hair and I really can't part it neatly without tangling it. I sort of just use my fingers to get it into imprecise sections.

In the pic, I decorated it, so it just looked more interesting.

If I leave more space between the buns and don't decorate it, it turns out like this

I have a similar v-type hairline that you do. Honestly, I don't know if I get breakage there or not. I often have fine baby hairs there that I wish would lie flat, but I just have learned to either let them be or just put my hair up wet. If I pull to control them, I just get a headache and the bun hurts. It's not as neat that way as I'd like, and there are fuzzies (like you see in the plain buns pic) but I just try to ignore them because I haven't found a good way to control them, lol. If I am putting my hair up dry, I just use my fingers. I am comb and brush stupid on dry hair...
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Med/Coarse, porous curly.