Maria-What bubble things?
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LMFAO!!! Who knows what the right term is. Its when the hair is pulled so tight you get those pimply looking things on the side. I've never gotten them, but my stepdaughter used to cuz her grandma would pull her hair back so tight she'd look Asian LOL
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I dunno the right term , but I know what ur talkin' about. I got those b4 when I had these EXTREMELY tight cornrows when I was younger. Speaking of Asian, I used to ask my mom when I was little..."Can you make me that Asian ponytail?". Meaning, pulling the hair up into a ponytail really tight making the eyes look slanted. My cousins with perms still wear those plus extremely tight braids and it has done alot of damage.

OMG, my Aunt had gotten them b4 after she got her hair braided @ this African hair braiding place. I felt so bad 4 her cause she had icepacks on her head to ease the pain!!!!! I think she ended up cutting her hair off just to get the extensions out. I'm a bit traumatized by cornrows as I'm sure she still is, lol.