I had it done 2 months ago. Normally, I have 3b/3c fine,FRIZZY curls that are horrid in humid weather. I got so tired of it I started relaxing with One 'n Only curl remover. My hair was straighter but still frizzy unless I flat iron but the frizz came back on hot days.. On top of that, I have highlights. I read about Coppolla and decided to try it out since it is supposed to work best on damaged hair. It eliminated the frizz and since the hair was relaxed, it has been pretty straight and smooth. I haven't done anything new to it in the last two months and the roots are beginning to frizz now. You have to be careful and not use any products with sodium of any kind. But the only thing I've used is a little heat protector. It's been great not to have to use products and it drys quickly. Unfortunately, it doesn't look good air dried. I will definitely do it again, but only after getting the color and anything else done first. Most color is full of sodium, especially Robert Craig. After years of dealing with unruly hair, it was a challenge to figure out what to do with straight hair : )