OK. While I've got some thoughts and personal guidelines in my head, I'd better put them down here to remind me later.

Don't forget to get my hair wet every three or every days or every two if needed. The last time I tried an updo challenge, I went too long between conditionings and the dryness and tangling were no fun.

While I'm trying to be nice to my ends with updos, it wouldn't hurt to cut back on the diffusing to cut down on heat. I'll revisit the night plopping thing - which means switch my hair wettings to night time. Well, except maybe for hair down days when I want to diffuse it so it will look good, lol.

Don't wear my bun to bed. All day all night buns give me a freakin headache. Take the hair down at night and wrap it in a scarf or that satin sleep bonnet I have sitting around doing nothing but looking all Little House on the Prairie.

Be careful twisting the ends - they are old and color treated after all.

Yes, those little short baby hairs will get fuzzy in updos with no long hair to hide them. That's life. Deal with it or put it up wet.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

Med/Coarse, porous curly.