Here's a Pre CG pic from earlier this year (from January I think) ...
Post your before & After CG pics-precg.jpg

And a picture with straightened hair ....
Post your before & After CG pics-straight.jpg

This is a month into my mod CG routine (I use shikakai once in two weeks ... don't think that's pure cg right? )

Post your before & After CG pics-cgmonth1.jpg
3A. Total PJ ! Modified CG (low poo 2-3x a month)
Goal : BSL dry Current: SL
Biotique Biowalnut/BioKelp, VO5 Condish, Aveda Be Curly/Aloe Vera Gel, Aveda Phomollient (day2 and 3),Water w/ AVG +Rosemary + lavender DT: Macadamia oil w/ Rosemary + lavender EO
PW : curlygirl

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