This is a topic that I find very frustrating because I have no idea as to why this is. The boyfriends that I've had just hated my hair curly. My current boyfriend always jokes and says "ahh my hands are stuck" whenever he puts his hands in my hair. My ex hated how curly hair looks and actually made it completely clear when I wore it curly to university once. It seems like whatever guy I meet doesn't like curly hair. I probably know like 2 who actually like curly hair out of like 50 guys I know. It really annoys me because I don't think it looks bad. If you tell me the only reason guys like straight hair is because they can put their fingers in it is just gay. You can put fingers in curly hair just be more gentle! When I straighten my hair my boyfriend is like "yes! I love straight, I don't like curly..." Funny thing is he met me as a curly and has the nerve to say something about it? I am angered...
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I think it's all about personal preferences. Some men like blondes and others prefer brunettes. I've always dated men who liked exotic looking women with curly hair. I would be angered as well if my boyfriend said that to me especially when he met you when you had curly hair. He should accept you & love you as you are.

I could never be with someone who said they didn't like curly hair. I know women who have curly hair & their husbands prefer straight hair & I honestly don't know how they married them knowing that. It's one thing to be young & single & be able to maintain straight hair but it's another to be married, holding a full time job & looking after children & finding enough time to put lipstick on in the morning.