Im quite lucky my hair was curly when I met my husband, and he loved it. But i straightened it for my wedding day, god knows why because I regret it.

I then straightened my hair almost continously from 2003 to may 2008 now I have embraced my curls and I can't imagine going back to straight hair, my husband says that he prefers my curls that they make me look more friendly! lol

To celebrate 5 years of being married we are having a blessing ceremony while on our cruise and my husband wants me to wear my hair curly.

So I would say make sure that you get a man that loves you for you because you are going to be saying hello first thing in the morning for a good many years.
Curl Type 3A and with a mind of its own.

Shampoo once a week with Organic Aloe Vera Herbal Shampoo.

Currently on the look out for a new DT and Styling Cream, though Curl Junkie is looking quite good.