i'm back to the basics after my fun experience with a twist and curl and the pocahontas. i went to target to find the elastics SBB used in her flexi8 pic. i nearly lost my mind on the accessories aisle. but i bought about 20 goody small elastic headbands and some scrunchies for a more refined "sock" bun.

i recall people were concerned about cotton scrunchies. i dampened mine so it won't absorb too much moisture from my hair, and it works fine. mine came in a six pack, so i'll rotate scrunchies to give them time to dry in between uses.

on other news, i found a picture from two months ago that was at a similar angle to the one i took a few days ago. it grew about an inch. with the challenge, i'm sure i'll retain an extra inch come september. excluding shrinkage, i might be APL by the end of the year... who woulda thunk it...lol
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Be careful with those cotton scrunchies not only because of the dryness but also because the fibers grabs your hair and will break it off. Same reason for the satin pillow case versus cotton.
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i will, aricurl. i'm still on the lookout for satin scrunchies, but i figured the cotton scrunchies were better than the actual sock i had been using.
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