love the halloween pics! in one you look a little josephine baker-esque...also congrats on grad school and i totally felt your sentiments under the pics and i'm really old! good luck

i know i'm late and all but i'd like to join too! when i was in undergrad and had no time for my hair, i bunned it practically everyday and my hair grew so much. i didn't even notice because i hadn't straightened it in a long time and because i was too busy too care. i didn't have the best products or methods of handling my hair, but i think the low manipulation made up for all that. i'm trying to imagine how much more my hair will thrive now that i'm using better products and hair care techniques!

i'm also excited about how much time i'm going to save in the mornings with this challenge...
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thick, kinky, nappy, hair w/ dashes of curls
pw: bearhair