natashamck, those headbands are too cute. too bad i can't wear them to work. boo...

thanks, josephine baker is beautiful so that's a major compliment! thanks! and yea, a lot of my friends are telling me to quit bugging out because everything happens in it's due time. every once in a while i have to remind myself to calm the heck down and let things be.

girl you are killing those buns! i checked out your album and fell in love. so i had to join when i found out it was a challenge. i really need to try your twist-n-curl but i gotta take it slow when starting up again, haha! otherwise my inner pj might escape from the cage i have it locked away in. i am so excited about your upcoming wedding and can't wait to see your hairstyle on your special day!

as for me, i bought some supplies for my buns, namely headbands and knee-hi's that i'm gonna cut and use instead of a scrunchie since i can't find any satin ones now that i need one...hmpf! i also busted out some of my older hair products from my stash at my mom's place (hehehe), like s-curl, cactus leave-in and various samples that i can use to keep my hair moisturized while it's tucked away. yay!
a crazy 4a/3c mix
o/s; thin; thready/cottony?