Jeepy, your garden is nice! Liatris is so hardy, I had no idea. My neighbor gave me a couple plants, and I was impatient for it to spread so I bought some bulbs, too. Well, as seems to be the case for almost everything I plant, it's all over! But, I love it so I don't pull out any volunteers unless it's growing in the driveway (gravel) or the unfinished walking path.

The strawberries are ripe but tart, nothing sweet this year. I figure not enough sun and too much rain. I don't do anything to them and just let them grown.
The tomatoes and peppers I planted are all but dead. It wasn't the fire that killed them, though. When he told me I could plant in the spot he forgot he put down some fertilizer/weed killer. There isn't another spot to put a tomato plant so I'm without this year. Pumpkins and watermelon have 3-4 leaves. Ha! they're just an experiment, anyway.
I've been wanting to plant milkweed, and now I'll add dill to the list. However, if my husband is going to insist on spraying for weeds/fertilizing the grass, I'll have to restrict the butterfly attracting plants to the front yard.
There's no such thing as global warming. Chuck Norris was cold so he turned up the sun.