*Patting Afrodominican1 on the back*

I feel your pain. I feel like giving up on the weight loss and eating a cheesecake. I wish there was a dessert place that delivered.

I just turned 27 years old this past weekend, and I feel more confused about what I want to be when I grow up than I did when I was 17. I want to go to medical school, but I'm missing several pre-requisites, and quite frankly, I'm afraid.

Man, it felt good to admit that!

Last one...I saw a relative this past weekend. She's definitely not the most tactful person that I know. Upon seeing my short, natural hair for the first time, her response was not "hello" but "Why'd you cut your hair??? How long do you think it will take to grow back???" As if I don't have enough to worry about! But secretly, I've been worrying too--how long will it take to grow back?