Okay, Why are a lot of the products for natural hair aimed at biracial, wavy, or 3 series hair types? I attended a demonstration at UB in the Atlanta area last weekend. The 2 hair models that they used had either loose curls or wavy hair. Most of the people in the audience had 4a and 4b hair. How are we to know if the products work for our hair type or not? I guess the idea is to psych us out by showing those hair types which evokes an emotional response in us and we but the products, rush home and get the 3a or 3b curl look. It's that easy!---not.

I don't think Curls promotes enough nappy styling options (to promote moisture, curls, or what not), nor does Blended Beauty, and especially Mixed Chicks.

Ya'll may hate on Miss Jessie, but her marketing is awesome. She has pictures galore of various hair styles on various hair types. Her product is overrated, but she sure as heck appealed to the natural in all of us. YOU TOO CAN TURN KINKS TO CURLS! Thanks Miss Jessie, you saved me from myself! ha ha ha