I used to get made fun of a lot because of my curly hair, so even now, it's still weird to hear complements!

A long time ago this girl stopped my in the hallway at school and told me I had the most amazing hair ever, which made me incredibly happy because she didn't even know me.

It seems like I don't get random complements as much as I used to (maybe I don't go out as much), but a few weeks ago I was going to a banquet and pinned parts of my hair up and left it super curly. As I was getting my food at the buffet two ladies were whispering about something. As I got to their food section the one woman just blurted out "Your hair looks REALLY nice!".

My favourite complement would have to be when this really cool girl with straight hair (who sat behind me) came to school with shorter hair and with a curly perm. I complemented her on it and she seemed really excited and said "Thanks, I got it permed because I wanted it to look like yours!" I'll never forget that one...